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The Accomplishments
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Miss Pre Teen International 2024

Sophia Papuchis

Sophia can be described as kind, helpful, and empathic in nature. From bringing extra supplies to school for others on special activity day, “in case someone forgot”, to donating her hair multiple times to serve children with hair loss, Sophia’s generosity, and kindness shine.

Sophia’s hard work and dedication have shown in her personal goals as she is a member of a ballet company. This demonstrates her ability to work hard to achieve a goal, as she balances multiple weekly practices, and rehearsals for performances, plus maintains her schoolwork at Principal’s Honor Roll level.

As Miss Preteen International 2023, Sophia’s focus will serve as a guideline for peers to use their personal skills, and to help others. Her goal of helping provide children with important needs and experiences will continue as she supports and demonstrates to others the importance of action, which leads to success and goal achievement.

Sophia will target needs and help find a solution in her actions. Not only will supporting organizations for children benefit the children’s lives, but sharing this support also reaches out to the parents, and siblings to show that there is help and kindness in our world.